no vestige of a beginning/no prospect of an end

And that is what is, (and will always be?) the magazine which is ‘Dieci’.

Here, forever, now to bring you products which explore the wonder of illusion and boundaries of perception in relation to form.

Expand your mind today.

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no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end

This is the passage written by James Hutton 1785, in the book ‘Theory of the Earth’ which I has inspired the narrative of ‘Dieci’

– We have now got to the end of our reasoning; we have no data further to conclude immediately from that which actually is: But we have got enough; we have the satisfaction to find, that in nature there is wisdom, system, and consistency. For having, in the natural history of this earth, seen a succession of worlds, we may from this conclude that there is a system in nature; in like manner as, from seeing revolutions of the planets, it is concluded, that there is a system by which they are intended to continue those revolutions. But if the succession of worlds is established in the system of nature, it is in vain to look for any thing higher in the origin of the earth. The result, therefore, of our present enquiry is, that we find no vestige of a beginning, – no prospect of an end

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‘Dieci’ endorsed Jewellery

Naturally formed stones enriched with healing properties made into exclusive  jewellery. 

As part of a colloboration between Ashleigh Cullen and I, we are delighted to present jewellery than suit your specific needs in terms of health and prefered asthetics.

The jewellery you see ready made you can buy, but I urge that you take the oppurtunity to choose the stones that have the properties that are right for you.

Each stone has a different healing ability.

The jewellery is made by hand by a friend of mine whose main field is psychological study, read her article about the jewellery below; 

Naturally Formed Healing Stone Jewellery

Naturally Formed Healing Stone Jewellery

My jewellery is more than a hobby; it is a medium I use to send protective and loving thoughts. Each piece is crafted with the intention of healing; to suit the needs and requirements to guard well-being and happiness in life.


The reason I started to make jewellery of this sort is a personal one. I have suffered from energy drainage from working in offices and other stressful places, dealing with difficult people and enjoying little sunshine. I have found wearing certain types of crystals and minerals helped with day to day stress-inducing scenarios.


Stress is the top cause for most illnesses and fatal diseases; unfortunately, it’s true.


Crystal healing is an ancient art which has been passed down from generation to generation; however some people have never known the wonder and interest these naturally occurring aesthetics hold.


I am about to discuss the controversy of such healing techniques and how I personally reflect my understanding of the magic of natural form.


Of course, there are some who would suggest that wearing crystals to help well-being is a load of codswallop; these are usually the types who accept the ‘big bang’ or ‘evolution’ as fact misinterpreting the term theory. There are no certainties in life, in reality there are no ‘facts’, only ‘probabilities’; a collection of gathered knowledge and representations guided by experience and personal hypotheses. When one is able to see through the guise that all is known, that is when all wonder and beauty of the world can be gracefully accepted, for what it is.


Here’s the science lesson, children drink milk because it is full of calcium, which is good for the bones and iron is necessary to maintain blood levels. These types of mineral are obvious to the 21st century civilisation as dietary essentials, but if they were to be explained to a 16th century civilian, comprehension would be improbable. Essential oils are used such as lavender for rest, peppermint for concentration and mental clarity on a daily basis by many who swear by them; though there are many who disregard the power of nature still as they have a closed mind. If such minerals and naturally occurring substances have such a powerful effect on mind and body, I suggest healing crystals can also.


The selected stones can be suited to astrological needs or specifically for confidence, comfort, stability and many more. Clients often explain issues or problems faced and the jewellery is made specifically to ease and help them.


By Ashleigh Cullen

BSC Psychology Student, University of Wales, Swansea.


Aventurine – Luck, confidence, balance, harmony, decision making.

Freshwater Pearl – Protection; especially over children.

Jade Jasper


Chrysocolla – known to help female hormonal problems, throat and lungs. Helps with communication skills, expressing desires and true feelings of love, improves home and stability. Relieves fear and grief.

Smokey Quartz – good for the blood; an all round bodily healer.

Lapis Lazuli- Spiritual advancement and growth. A binder of friends and loved ones enhances judgement and mental clarity, openness and intuition.

Amethyst – Protection over the third eye and psych. Know to develop psychic powers and sensitivity. ,

Moonstone – Helps to feel grounded, less overwhelmed.

Carnelian- Energy and activity!

Garnet helps loneliness, abandonment and survival.

A list of stones and their healing properties can be found on this link

Once you have chosen the stones you want, take the link —–>

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LIMITED EDITION Screen Printed Posters

I wanted to re-invent the images of the kaleidoscope into print. I have printed an edition of 10 screen printed posters.

Poster size – A2 (420 mm x 594 mm)   Image size 200 mm x 200 mm

The ‘CMYGOLD’ image was created after drawing out the grid that I could see through my own eye’s perception through the ‘Dieci Kaleidoscope’. I scanned the grid and then created a pattern in the ‘true triangle’ of the grid then reflected it through out the grid to recreate the kaleidoscope pattern. I then separated the channels of the pattern (CMYK) and printed these channels.

Cyan channel  printed CYAN

Magenta channel printed MAGENTA

Yellow channel printed GOLD

Key channel printed YELLOW

'CMYGold' 1/10

'CMYGold' 1/10

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Grow a plant in a Chest of Jewels


Grow a Plant in a Chest of Jewels

Grow a Plant in a Chest of Jewels


The jewels you see in treasure chest above are infact crystal soil.

Crystal soil is special type of resin which expands in water and is also a suitable growing medium for growing plants in! 

I found this amazing substance being sold at stall at Camden Market, London sold by a young oriental looking woman. I asked her the name of her stall, but she said she didn’t have a name for it! She showed me the plants that she had grown in the jewels, I was amazed.

Futhermore by the fact the substance started it’s form as tiny beads, then after being soaked enlarged into a jewel form.

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Dieci Clothing


Interpretations of the Kaleidoscope

After reflecting on the many photographs that I took of inside of the kaleidoscope, it seemed to me that every photograph had a completely different feel. I could see completely different forms within the patterns of the kaleidoscope. Different images, that my mind seemed to wanted to bridge in to fill the white space.

I was interested to see what other people may interpret in the patterns. So, I asked a some friends of mine (Ashleigh Cullen and Carl Godsall) to drew what they could feel was within the pattern. I also did this exercise myself.

I then created suitable framing for the designs and transfered these designs onto the clothing.

‘Dieci Clothing’ printed by Bonnie Newman 2008; modelled by Ashleigh Cullen.

'La Mademoiselle de la Kaleidoscope'

'La Mademoiselle de la Kaleidoscope'


Ashleigh could see a woman flying high through the kaleidoscope


'Les Fleurs'

'Les Fleurs'


I could see pansies growing tall in the kaleidoscope

'Pour le pense'

'Pour le pense'


Carl could see mysterious shapes and eyes peering back at him 

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Dieci Colour Changing Cups


'The Triangle'

'The Triangle'





'The Horizontal'

'The Horizontal'


'Square Celebration'

'Square Celebration'


'The Vertical'

'The Vertical'

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Dieci Kaleidocycles


"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 1)

"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 1)

A fantastic time-killer!

Here you see photographs of one of ten kaleidocycles that I have designed. As the kaleidocycles feature kaleidoscope patterns, the kaleidocycles mimic the changing patterns of the kaleidoscope.

The patterns on the kaleidocycles were created by taking photographs of inside the ‘Dieci Kaleidoscope’. Then I took sections from the photographs and fitted them into a kaleidocycle grid I had drawn out with new specification to the kaleidocycles I built from the book I had bought featuring the designs of M.C.Escher.

I made the triangles within my new kaleidocycle grid less elongated than those of the Escher Kaleidocycles. This effected the overall design of the ‘Dieci Kaleidocycle’ to become more flexible, easier to move and enable us to see an extra face of the kaleidocycle. The ‘Dieci Kaleidocycle’ features 3 faces compared the 2 faces of the original kaleidocycles I had worked with.

Below you can the second and third faces of the “Berry Kaleidocycle”.

There is also a video to see of me demonstrating the kaleidocycles in action. 


"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 2)

"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 2)

"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 3)

"Berry" Kaleidocycle (form 3)

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